ABA strives to help clients think about things differently, to get people excited about the creative process, to enliven imaginations and thus bring more meaning and value to the work.

Whether a video or a sculpture, an object or an interior, an installation or a building, we design with a sense of flexibility, inclusion, openness, subtlety, complexity, history, innovation, and multiplicity – the things that elevate experience. By contrast, we avoid singular concepts, grand gestures, repeat aesthetics, passé styles and “trends,” pat resolutions and solutions – the things that stagnate experience. We use this basic criterion at the start of every project to evaluate design ideas and project goals for likely positive impact. It’s a balancing-act of formalizing and abstracting possibilities to open things to unexpected insight.

ABA searches for what is possible beyond addressing the necessities.

While we believe it is critical to thoroughly analyze and establish all the fundamental parameters from the start of every project, whether programmatic or functional needs, site or environmental conditions, sustainable or green goals, technological or engineering challenges, budgetary or scheduling requirements, or simply refining a desired aesthetic, we also believe it is equally important to pursue design opportunities unencumbered throughout the process. We use this dual approach to carefully infuse pragmatic requirements with theoretical possibilities, allowing things to take shape more freely. It’s a balancing-act of adding and subtracting physical components to make things more functional, thoughtful, and aesthetically impactful.

Innovation is achieved through open creative thought processes.

We work collaboratively with clients and consultants to provide economically-feasible, high- quality, contemporary design that remains on-point while being historically nuanced and enmeshed with fresh ideas. This back-and-forth layering/interweaving design process gives projects more meaning and therefore longevity, ultimately elevating a client's interactions, experiences, and financial investments.

”From this I reach what I might call a philosophy; at any rate it is a constant idea of mine; that behind the cotton wool is a hidden pattern; that we – I mean all human beings – are connected with this; that the whole world is a work of art; that we are parts of the work of art.”

— Virginia Woolf, Moments of Being

This mode of continually reaching beyond what is essential to realize what is possible, informs and connects all of our work from the smallest of details to the largest constructs. It guides our every finish and fixture selection to be well coordinated with every surface and form. It inspires our high-end custom millwork and furniture to expand storage and uses. It allows our knowledge of art and architectural history to permeate our exploratory work. It opens our design processes to the benefits of outside collaborations and ongoing critiquing. It encourages our over-arching development of multi-mode experiential interiors and buildings. And all this is done, not to arrive at fixed solutions, but to express relevant optimistic propositions.

When things are created with a multiplicity of ideas in mind, physical limitations are defied; expectations are exceeded. Budgets are stretched to include more. Small rooms are made to feel larger. Spatial sequences are heightened. Building envelopes are made more energy efficient and interactive. Materials and details exalt forms. Experimental elements become practical. Utilitarian objects become sculptural. Functions are multiplied. The history of art and architecture is renewed - invigorated and expanded. Layers of meaning slowly unfold in space, light, and time. The boundaries of art and architecture blur, merging in the mysteries of becoming. The physical becomes cerebral, virtual, atemporal, even magical.

We believe this open philosophic design process strengthens and increases the value of all our work: visually, emotionally, intellectually, experientially, and financially.

We take all this to heart. We design for every thing.

We are Art_Bridge Architecture PLLC.


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